Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Overwhelming Hobby

If you've ever seen this episode of "I Love Lucy," then you can relate to the dilemma of many scrapbookers I know. I love this episode so much , I have a Christmas ornament on our tree of this scene.

I read an interesting analogy on Stacy Julien's blog about scrapbooking and this "I Love Lucy" scene. Scrapbooking seems like such a wonderful and fun way to preserve our families' memories, but at some point we realize that the conveyor belt of memories isn't going to slow down. And even with our best intentions of staying "caught up," many of us end of saying like Lucy, "I think we're fighting a losing game." I've spoken with many women who say they haven't scrapbooked for a long time because they feel so overwhelmed.
As many of you know, I became a consultant for Memory Works. Recently, they released a wonderful program designed to take the stress out of scrapbooking. Check out the video below.

Simple Stories by MemoryWorks from Amber Crowell on Vimeo.

"Simple Stories IS the new way to scrapbook! The Simple Stories system is a simple scrapbook process that allows you to get back to the basics of scrapbooking, focusing on your memories and photos. It allows you to let go of unrealistic expectations, free yourself from creative pressure, rid yourself of self-imposed guilt…it will make you fall in love with your hobby all over again!"
Check it out for yourself HERE. If you are interested, comment or E-mail me with your order. Happy Scrapbooking!