Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tickled Pink

I am tickled pink about something new I learned to do today. I am taking a free class on-line, and I'm using Photoshop 7 (which a friend gave me). Just check out what I did using this software! I don't know how to do anything else with it, but I know I will learn eventually. SO fun! Here's a photo with a frame and word art. So cute, huh? More to come in the days ahead!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Two new layouts

I must say, I love scrapbooking in my newly organized space. Today, I finished two layouts that I had started back in May (yes, May!), and I completed a project that I will show you soon. (Can't show you the project today, as it is a gift, and I don't want the recipient to see it here first!)
I am loving this first layout. I got the idea from someone on the Internet, and I have searched like crazy to try and find it again, but no luck. If I figure it out, I'll edit and post here. I did the words and flourish with my Graphically Speaking cartridge.

My second layout is pretty simple, creating the title from another of my favorite products, American Crafts Thickers. (Sorry...the photo of the layout is less than stellar.)

Having done two layouts today, I feel like I'm back in my groove. Hope to show you more soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm back!

I told my husband today that my scrapbook room looks so good after my major re-organization and de-cluttering, that I just have to take some pictures. Haven't seen this much floor space in months. LOL! I do have to confess. I'm not completely finished. I still have to go through all of my crap, I mean, SCRAPS. They need filing, and I have to put away some pictures. But overall...I'm happy. Now I can scrapbook more efficiently, because I know where everything is. Let me show you.

This is my cardstock above, sorted by color. Underneath it is my patterned paper, also sorted by color (not pictured). Next are my two vertical stacks of Themed patterned paper and cardstock that came in coordinating sets (like Coordinations' color core cardstock). My themed paper is divided with 12 x 12 pieces of chipboard topped with little index tabs that I punched out then labeled with each theme. In my other cubes below, I have patterned paper sorted by company, generally ones that have come in stacks (like Diecuts with a View). I also have some paper that was neither a theme nor one dominant color, so I sorted those by stripes, circles/dots, plaids, etc....Yes, it looks like I have a ton of paper. And I do, but I purged and have a box full to give away as well.

Here are my embellishments, which are organized like my theme and by color.

I bought clear 12 x 12 pocket holders (not sure what they're really called) that snap or close with string wrapped around buttons. If an embellishment didn't fit a theme, it was organized by color.
The themes are as follows:
Animal, baseball, birthday, Easter/Spring, Fall, Family, Floral, food/kitchen, friends, kids (boy and girl lumped together since I don't have that many girl papers), love/Valentines, nature/outdoors, patriotic, misc. quotes/inspirational, pool/lake/beach, summer/winter, school, travel.
My colored embellishments, including chipboard, loose ribbon, stickers, etc... are placed in plastic containers by Iris. They snap closed and slide in the unit like drawers, so if I want to take them somewhere, I can just slide out the color drawer of my choice. I have the colors of the rainbow (with pink and purple together), along with brown/beige, black, white, and metallic. I also have one smaller box with embellishments that are multi-colored.
Below is most of my ribbon on rolls. I LOVE ribbon. In the drawers below it are my foam letter stamps and my vellums and transparencies.

Finally, here is a shot of my desk, which is supposed to be my workspace, though I usually end up in the floor.

I have my most used supplies right at my fingertips. Below my desk are my most used punches, my Cricut supplies, and other tools. I plan to scrapbook some soon, so I can test drive this system. I'll let you know how it goes!