Friday, February 6, 2009

My Scrapbook Room (Part II) here's the rest of my scrapbook space.
On top of my hutch are clear jars that hold silk flowers sorted by color or by company (depends on how they came). You can also see that I have favorite photos and an 8x8 layout on top of the hutch to inspire me.
If you stand in front of my desk, you can see to the right my wire cubes full of 12 x 12 cardstock sorted by color. Then toward the bottom is my patterned paper, which used to be sorted by color, but has totally gotten out of hand. Any suggestions on sorting this stuff? I just have too much to do it by manufacturers. On the floor is a single wire cube full and overflowing with scrap paper. Sooooooo in need of some organization! Between my hutch and the tower of paper is another plastic drawer unit holding printed quotes, chipboard numbers, and ink pads. Under my table is a drawer unit containing my Cricut cartridges and tools and some mini albums. In the photo you can also see my trash can and Cropper Hopper that I take to crops.
To the left of my table is another wire cube unit housing binders that contain rub-ons, clear stamps, and MORE patterned paper, like DCWV Stacks. Then I have this rolling cart I just acquired from a yard sale. I think that works in progress are going in this.
Finally, I have two tall filing cabinets. These hold artist trading card stuff, files for church crop stuff, and files of ideas for layouts. I REALLY need to sort and purge the stuff in these drawers. On top of the cabinets are some finished albums and some albums in progress.
Okay...this is behind the door at the light switch. I have a tall bookcase holding idea books and completed albums. At the foot of the bookcase are two file totes that contain my boys' school stuff. I house the stuff there until I incorporate it into their albums. The other door goes to a storage/unfinished attic area where the heat/air pipes are. I have an organizer hung on the back of that door to hold my Crop-a-dile, my Dyna label maker, my paper crimper, etc....
So there you have it. My scrapbook room in a nutshell. It is painted sage green and cream with black accents here and there. I love my Pergo, oak-colored flooring and my sage green oval rug. I love that my file cabinets match so well with the floor and my desk. My only complaint is that I really wish I had more workspace and more wall space. Since it is a converted attic, the walls are sloped/angled on each side. If you're wondering where my computer is, it's right outside the door in a hallway that adjoins to the kids' playroom. It's a happy place to be. My husband did it all for me. The flooring, paint, filing cabinets, along with my clock (not hanging at the moment), my phone, my desk and chair were all one HUGE Christmas present to me! Isn't Ed and sweetheart?
If you have any organizing suggestions, send them my way. And maybe you can take an idea from here that you can use as well.

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  1. Hi Kim! Thanks for a peek into your space! My tip for patterned paper organization is to do it by, baby/kids, outdoors, floral, kits, etc.
    I have my pp's sorted this way and have about 15 themes. I do have a few catergories by manufacturer because I have lots of their stuff (Karen Foster, Basic Grey, etc).



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