Saturday, March 28, 2009

March "Green Crop"

Had a great time night last night! There were 13 of us at the March "Green" crop. We wore green, got a handout with tips on scrapbooking green, brought green food (celery sticks with pimento apples with caramel, green grapes, brownies with cute green sprinkles, watermelon, chips with artichoke dip and guacamole, green tea, get the idea!), and had lots of fun.
I always give away door prizes at the crops, but if you did one of the special projects, you got an extra door prize ticket placed in the cup. One of the fun projects we did was bring an old, unwanted item of clothing to the crop. We then were to reuse some portion of it on a scrapbook layout. How's that for recycling! Cool, huh? I'll never look at old clothes the same again.
Celeste and Mary Catherine did an amazing job, don't ya think?
Here are some other snapshots from the night...lots of GREEN! (Some of the photos aren't the best quality, but the lighting in this room is not the best for photo taking!)
Thank you ladies for showing up and making it a fun night! You are the best!


  1. What fun! And the green theme was a great idea. This is my first visit. Found you comments you left on another blog. I enjoyed looking at your do very nice work. Stop by and visit some time if you have time.

  2. that photo of me is nice...but the one where my backside is showing is NOT flattering!!! I had a blast...I'm so glad I can make it to these!


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